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Closer with a smile Closer with a smile

A Brand New Look
For A Bright Future

Darlie Smile
Starting around March 2022, we are happy to introduce a brand new Darlie. Committed to developing quality oral care products taking care of your every need, we look forward to starting an exciting new chapter with you!

Confident Smiles
For All

Bringing toothpastes and toothbrushes to the next level - we’ll keep exploring cutting-edge technology and ingredients to step up product features and brushing experience. With a growing demand for all-round oral care, we’ll focus on developing advanced products to safeguard different aspects of your oral and dental health.
Since the
Our Mission
Safeguarding the oral health and confident smile of every customer with quality and professional oral care products and services.

All-round Oral Care
At Your Fingertips

Some products are sold only in specific regions.

New Darlie, New Image
For The New You

Our products will remain easily recognizable as they carry the same Darlie brand name in English, the Darlie man icon and color schemes that consumers are familiar with.
Some products are sold only in specific regions.

Creative Designs For Your Different Needs

Keeping up with the times, one of our key missions is to enhance product and package designs. From now on, no matter if you’re on the go, in the outdoors, or at work, you could always see to your oral health needs with our handy products. Maintaining good oral health has never been easier!
Some products are sold only in specific regions.

New Technology, New Possibilities

We’re devoted to exploring the latest technology in oral and dental health. That’s why we’re driven to create advanced oral care products like mouthwash, breath sprays, electric toothbrushes, teeth-whitening strips and pens. Using safer and more efficient technology and ingredients, we’re here to truly and fully safeguard your oral health.
For a sustainable future

Creating A Sustainable Future

We pledge to look after the environment and our planet. From manufacturing to packaging, we use renewable energy to minimise carbon and waste emissions and are actively exploring new ways of sustainable packaging. Join us on our quest for a greener, cleaner future!

Giving Back To The Community

We are firm believers of the power of smiling and confidence. Through a wide range of initiatives over the years, we have brought healthy, bright smiles to countless children, teenagers and people in need. We are actively exploring new programs in different markets to bring our purpose to life through our support to the communities.